Coffee & Dessert Set D
Coffee & Dessert Set D
Coffee & dessert gift set

Set for 2 (6 pcs.) includes
B&B plate 2 pcs. Cup 2 pcs.
Saucer 2 pcs.

Set for 4 (12 pcs.) includes
B&B plate 4 pcs. Cup 4 pcs.
Saucer 4 pcs.

Set for 8 (24 pcs.) includes
B&B plate 8 pcs. Cup 8 pcs.
Saucer 8 pcs.

*Special gift box set can be designed to suit your needs.

*Item could be changed to your liking.
Main Materials : Porcelain
Design : Whiteware
Style : Modern / Classic

Coffee and Dessert set

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