The following applicants are referred to as "Candidates" and Patra Porcelain Company Limited., hereinafter referred to as "Patra Porcelain Company Limited.". To maintain the benefits. To become a member

1. Subscription to Patra Porcelain Company Limited. is free of charge.

2. Applicants must fill out their own information. To be complete and correct Not vulgar or obscene. And do not allude to the monarchy.

3. Whoever impersonates or does anything. This is a violation of privacy rights. Using the information of others to impersonate the subscription. To gain membership Is wrong Must be punishe d by the law.

4. The Applicant authorizes Patra Porcelain Company Limited. to verify personal information and any other information specified by the Applicant in the subscription. If Patra Porcelain Company Limited. has verified that the information you provide is unclear or false. Patra Porcelain Company Limited. has the right to cancel the membership of the applicant. addition to obtaining a subpoena or official letter. It is up to the discretion of Patra Porcelain Company Limited.

7. As a member, the candidate will receive press releases from Patra Porcelain Company Limited. via e-mail and / or SMS and / or other media at Patra Porcelain Company Limited. Get a virus before sending e-mail messages to you every time. So if your computer is abnormal due to Virus or Spam mail, we do not take any responsibility.

8. Patra Porcelain Company Limited. reserves the right to cancel membership. Without notice

9. Patra Porcelain Company Limited. reserves the right to discontinue membership services at any time without prior notice. I, the subscriber, have read the terms and conditions of the subscription and agree that Patra Porcelain Company Limited. will review the personal information and / or any other information specified by the subscriber in the subscription. If the Applicant agrees to be bound and abided by the Terms and Conditions. As stated in the agreement. Other terms and conditions as deemed appropriate by Patra Porcelain Company Limited.If you do not agree, please press "No" to return to the main page.

I have read and understand the privacy policy.